New Imprinted Shoe Pedometers

new shoe pedometer for Wellness ProgramsWellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest pedometer– that fit right on your shoelaces.

These mini pedometers come in many colors and twoo price points for any budget–one that is a single function and one that is multi-function.

These shoe pedometers are ideal for any wellness program or corporate fitness program.

Each pedometer comes in six fashion colors and features a splash proof design.

They also have Auto shut-off to save battery energy.

Button cell battery inserted.

Measures 2.” L x .75″ W x 1.5″ H

Available wholesale for wellness programs, fitness programs, yoga and weight loss incentives, etc.

Available from Wellness Incentives Plus at 512.507.4709 or email your request to robert (at)


New Study: Using a Pedometer Increases Fitness for Senior Citizens

the use of pedometer increases the amount of walking for senior citizens

Using a pedometer increases walking by seniors by an average of 50 minutes per week, according to a new study.

Austin, Texas:  According to a new report, using a pedometer might motivate sedentary older adults to fit more walking into their daily routines.

Researchers found that giving older adults a pedometer along with exercise advice seemed to work better than advice alone — at least as far as encouraging “leisure” walking.  That refers to things like walking to the store instead of driving.

After a year, participants in the pedometer group had increased their strictly leisure-time walking by 50 minutes a week, on average.

“Leisure walking is seen as a manageable form of physical activity for older adults, and hence should be more actively encouraged,” said Gregory S. Kolt, a professor at the University of Western Sydney in Australia, who led the study.

Any organization that caters to senior citizens should be giving a free pedometer to its members– whether it be a retirement community, fitness center, local coffee shop, wellness center or so on.

Imprinted pedometers wholesale for $2-$3 each for a good quality pedometer, as you can see at this link of imprinted pedometers from

Not only will a branded pedometer keep your name in front of your senior customers for years, but it will help them improve their level of fitness by encouraging them to walk more often.

Pedometers are an easy way to track and measure steps, so it can encourage senior citizens to reach certain “step goals” each day.

If you are a retailer, offer an imprinted pedometer free with a  minimum purchase or as part of a loyalty reward (such as free after 4 purchases of coffee, etc).

Hand out free pedometers at health fairs, investment and insurance seminars and community wellness events.

Keep seniors more active by getting them moving more frequently.

Here’s to Healthier Seniors!

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New! Custom Printed Solar Powered Pedometers

Two of the hottest topics in business today are wellness and the environment– and this new solar-powered pedometer is perfect for both categories.

imprinted pedometers for wellness incentivesThese vibrantly colored imprinted acrylic casing houses a digital pedometer that measures steps, distance and calories burned.

Perfect for any wellness program or fitness incentive.

It has a solar panel with top-view LCD display.  Just input user’s stride length for most accurate readings. Backup battery for low light situations. Get fit. Go Green.

Available exclusively from Wellness Incentives Plus or on their website.


New T-Shirt Step Counter Pedometer For Wellness programs

Wellness pedometer features step counterAustin, TX: has just introduced their newest pedometer: a custom printed T-Shirt Step counter pedometer.

This one size fits all,  T-shirt shaped step counter ties in to any wellness program and can easily match the graphics and theme of your T-shirts.  Use to encourage extra walking, running and greater fitness.

This Patent Pending imprintable pedometer has a clear acrylic casing and features top-view LCD display for easy monitoring. Tracks up to 99,999 steps and comes with a non-replaceable battery.

Available exclusively at from Wellness Incentives Plus.  Under $3.50 wholesale with your custom imprint.


Multi Function Wellness Pedometer

Imprinted Wellness Pedometer

The perfect wellness item to use for your corporate wellness program,new gym memebership incentive or even to use as a medical tradeshow giveaway.A multi-function pedometer that features a calorie calculator, count up / down timer, step / distance counter, time, alarm, belt clip and stopwatch. Batteries included and installed. It measures 2 1/4″ x 3 1/8″.

This item can be ordered in quantities as low as 25 pieces and starting at just over $8 each wholesale.

For more information go to or click on the picture to the left.


Imprinted Talking Pedometer: Great for Wellness Programs

Wellness Talking Pedometer

What a great way to kick off a corporate wellness program with a talking pedometer with panic alarm, count steps, measure distance traveled, calories and walking time. It has a one touch announcement of step information, panic alarm for emergency, false step detection and it is light weight. Our wellness pedometer measures 2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ and comes in a cool gray color made of plastic. It can be imprinted with your logo on it. Great way to start a wellness program, promote your new facilities or perfect give away for corporate tradeshows.

You can order this talking pedometer in quantities as low as 50 pieces and with prices starting at just under $15 each wholesale.

To learn more about this product click on the picture to the left or you can go to


Virginia Health System Says Wellness Program Saved $3.4M– $6 Return for Every $1 Spent

Wellness program yields 6:1 ROISentara Healthcare, a Norfolk, Va.-based health system, reportedly saved $3.4 million in employee healthcare coverage costs by implementing an aggressive three-year wellness program, according to an article that appeared in Healthcare Payer News.

Executives at the not-for-profit system with 100 sites of care, including eight hospitals, said they were looking for a way to keep premiums and co-pays down for their employees, so they created a wellness plan with their insurance carrier.

“For every dollar spent to incentivize employees to improve their health, Sentara Healthcare saved $6,” said Optima Health President and CEO Michael M. Dudley.

Called “Mission: Health,” the program was launched in 2008 for more than 11,200 benefit-eligible Sentara employees in Virginia and North Carolina with nearly 80% participation rate. “The most important outcome of the wellness program for Optima Health is the difference it has made in people’s lives,” he said.

According to Sentara Healthcare Senior Vice President for Human Resources Michael Taylor, the hospital system realized that 20 percent of its employees were producing 80 percent of healthcare costs. [Read more…]