Syringe-Shaped Pens for Health and Wellness Programs

imprinted pens for wellness incentive programsAustin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just released its new liquid-filled syringe pen for the health and wellness field.

These fun ink pens come in red, blue or green ink and can help to kick off any wellness incentive or wellness campaign.

Any wellness incentive should be kicked off with fun, low cost promotional items, and these colorful pens will keep your program in front of your employees for many months.

These custom printed pens are available from


New T-Shirt Step Counter Pedometer For Wellness programs

Wellness pedometer features step counterAustin, TX: has just introduced their newest pedometer: a custom printed T-Shirt Step counter pedometer.

This one size fits all,  T-shirt shaped step counter ties in to any wellness program and can easily match the graphics and theme of your T-shirts.  Use to encourage extra walking, running and greater fitness.

This Patent Pending imprintable pedometer has a clear acrylic casing and features top-view LCD display for easy monitoring. Tracks up to 99,999 steps and comes with a non-replaceable battery.

Available exclusively at from Wellness Incentives Plus.  Under $3.50 wholesale with your custom imprint.


Aluminum Wellness Water Bottles

Wellness Water Bottles
This single wall colored aluminum water bottle with carabineer holder would be a great incentive for your corporate wellness program.  It has an acrylic exterior and stainless interior. This imprinted water bottle is not dishwasher safe and needs to be hand washed only. It is also BPA free, which is a beneficial wellness reminder for your employees. It comes in blue,green or red and is 25 ounces.

You can order this imprinted bottle in quantities as low as 72 pieces and prices starting at $5.99 each wholesale.

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Multi Function Wellness Pedometer

Imprinted Wellness Pedometer

The perfect wellness item to use for your corporate wellness program,new gym memebership incentive or even to use as a medical tradeshow giveaway.A multi-function pedometer that features a calorie calculator, count up / down timer, step / distance counter, time, alarm, belt clip and stopwatch. Batteries included and installed. It measures 2 1/4″ x 3 1/8″.

This item can be ordered in quantities as low as 25 pieces and starting at just over $8 each wholesale.

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Wellness Programs Now Targeting High School Students

wellness programs help reduce high blood pressureOld habits are hard to die they say, so some Minnesota high schools are trying to get students to change to healthier behaviors.

At Anoka High School, students are participating in a wellness program under the auspices of the wellness programs at Mercy and Unity Hospitals.  Since 1995 high school students have been screened for potential high cholesterol, high blood pressure and unhealthy body mass index – all precursors to future health problems like heart disease and stroke.

According to an article in, Brenda Link, manager for the wellness programs at Mercy and Unity hospitals, says that by getting screened early, teens have time to either change unhealthy behavior or be aware of how genetic factors can affect them down the road.  “We talk to them about what those numbers mean and how lifestyle choices can make a difference,” said Link.

If test results are really elevated, [Read more…]


Don’t Forget About Emotional and Behavioral Health in Your Wellness Programs

behavior modifications for wellness programsWhen starting a wellness program, physical goals and achievements are easiest to notice, measure and monitor.

However, more and more companies are also focusing on behavior modification and emotional counseling to get to the root causes of obesity and other health risks.

According to a recent article in the Norwich Bulletin, one organization, Backus Weight Loss Center, is including a behavioral health component to its Weight Management and Wellness  program.

The article states that in addition to diet and exercise, experts in the Weight Management and Wellness program will provide education on overcoming the mental aspects that can impact the ability to lose weight.

Whether you had bariatric surgery or are just trying to lose 20 pounds, changing behavior and overcoming psychological issues can help you succeed in losing weight— and keeping it off.

Interview those employees that are not making tremendous strides in your wellness and fitness program to find out the reasons.  Many times, a counselor will be able to find out that the reasons for non-participation or poor performance in the wellness program can range from such causes as old habits are hard to die, self-sabotage, self-esteem issues, no spousal support or antagonism, or other underlying problems.

Finding out these underlying reasons can help tremendously in modifying behavior and changing habits.  No wellness incentives or rewards can be effective to these particular employees as getting to the problem, understanding the dynamics of the situation, and coming up with individual behavior modification plans for them.

It may take more time initially, but in the end, it will be worth the effort.

Here’s to a healthier workforce.

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Imprinted Ice Pack Wellness Neck Cooler

Wellness Ice Pack Nect Tie
Perfect item for a wellness program. Our 100% cotton ice pack neck cooler tie imprints your logo from end to end, releases cold moisture onto the skin which is a water activated cooling product that holds cold temperatures by using ice or refrigeration keeping you cool. Great wellness item perfect for 5K and 10K runs, bicycle events, company picnic, or even a health and fitness fair.

Our ice pack neck tie measures 34″ – 38″ and comes in an assortment of colors. It can be ordered in quantities as low as 48 pieces as cost you as low as under $4.50each wholesale.

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Imprinted Towel for Wellness & Fitness Programs

Wellness Antimicrobial Towel

Our 100% cotton  Antimicrobial Enhanced towel will get your wellness program started on the right note with it’s built-in protection for your active lifestyle.  It prevents bacteria and fungus. and also  helps fight MSRA, staph, germs, and odor. Patented microbial is infused into the structure of our towels to provide long lasting prevention and protection. These performance products and solutions prevent and inhibit growth of bacteria and mold.

You can order this 12″ x 42″ cotton towel for your wellness program in as few as 48 pieces and prices starting at just over $7.50 each wholesale. Colors include black, coastal blue, gold, lime, red and white.

For more information, visit or click on the picture to the left.


Imprinted Food and Fitness Journal for Wellness Programs

Imprinted Wellness Food Diary

Our wellness food and fitness journal would be a great addition to any corporate wellness incentive program. The closed 6″ x 9″ journal is the perfect size notebook to carry with you and record your statistics right away. Great way to track calorie, fat and carbohydrate intake plus exercise routine and more to stay positive and motivated.

You can order this wellness journal in as few pieces as 100 and prices starting at just over $4 each wholesale.

For more information, visit or click on the picture to the left.


Check Legalities of Wellness Questions Before Kicking Off a Wellness Program

wellness program at Indiana UniverityIn order to be effective, companies that are planning wellness programs will need to gather personal and private information on their employees.  Many companies try to target programs specifically geared to an individual’s particular needs, but sometimes, questions can be a bit too personal.

For example, the Indianapolis Business Journal has reported that Indiana University was forced to back away from some major portions its new wellness program after a backlash from employees after over 550 people complained about their online health risk assessment.

After seeing their health costs increase by an average of 8-12% per year, IU decided to find ways to reduce costs for their 17,000 employees through a company wellness program.

The way the program was structured, in exchange for answering the questionnaire and signing a commitment to avoid tobacco products and undergo tests of their blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and body-mass index, the employees could save up to $160 per month on their premium contributions.

However, it is understood that some of the questions were off base and delved into such forbidden areas as whether or not the employees attend religious services.

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