Keep Your Wellness Program Simple, Stupid.

Don't over-complicate your wellness programDon’t Over-Complicate Your Wellness Program

Austin, TX: Each day I get calls from wellness progfessionals asking for help on their wellness incentive programs.

It usually boils down to the same 8-10 questions.

After analyzing the calls for the past six weeks, I have determined that the biggest culprit and common denominator in wellness programs is over-complication.

That would include:

  • Trying to do too much with their wellness program.
  • Ramming too many items down the throats of their employees
  • Starting off in one direction and doing a complete 180.
  • Changing the goals too frequently.
  • Having a rule sheet more than a few bullet points. (I’ve seen some over 8 pages!!)
  • Having too many individuals responsible for points or awards.

Slow down.

Keep your wellness program simple, stupid to paraphrase the  popular expression.

Focus on a few core goals and emphasize only those.

They can include:

  • Weight Reduction.
  • Smoking Cessation.
  • Exercise Regularity.
  • Diet and/or Behavior Modification.

That’s it.


No more!


1) Educate.

2) Put into practice.

3) Review.

4) Then “rinse and repeat”.

Don’t over-think your wellness program.

Don’t keep adding elements to your program.

Don’t continuously add, modify, subtract, etc.

Stick with a few core goals and push only those.

  • Don’t get sidetracked.
  • Reinforce your goals..
  • Set good examples.
  • And keep educating your employees.

It’s as simple as that.

Follow these simple rules and your wellness program can be success

Over-complicate your wellness program – and it will be doomed for failure.

Here’s to a healthier workforce!

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