Imprinted Pedometers: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Imprinted Pedometers for Holiday Gifts Go a Long Way in Spreading a Healthy Message All Year Longimprinted pedometers make great employee Holiday gifts

Austin, Texas: When looking for the right Holiday gifts for your employees, think wellness and fitness.

I have a friend who works in a factory that had a wellness initiative and they received metal buckets of flaored popcorn and chocolate pretzels last Christmas. Talk about a mind shift.

If you are promoting healthy habits and wellness all year long – it is only logical to keep that message going for the Holidays.

As you know, Holiday time is the worsttiem for your employees’ diets-Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Christmas dinners that last forever, New Year’s events, etc.

Try handing out imprinted pedometers for the Holidays to help promote fitness during the Holiday season- and after.

Challenge your employees to set personal weight loss golas and then help them achieve them.

Don’t just use imprinted pedometers as an incentive gift.

Use  pedometers to promote your message —  and give them out freely.

Hold contests.

Inspire motivation. But give your employees the tools to succeed in geting more fit and losing weight.

Here’s to a happier and healthier work place!


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New T-Shirt Step Counter Pedometer For Wellness programs

Wellness pedometer features step counterAustin, TX: has just introduced their newest pedometer: a custom printed T-Shirt Step counter pedometer.

This one size fits all,  T-shirt shaped step counter ties in to any wellness program and can easily match the graphics and theme of your T-shirts.  Use to encourage extra walking, running and greater fitness.

This Patent Pending imprintable pedometer has a clear acrylic casing and features top-view LCD display for easy monitoring. Tracks up to 99,999 steps and comes with a non-replaceable battery.

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