Top 11 Most Common Activities for Wellness Programs

reasons for wellness programs at companiesAccording to Buck Consultants, here are the most popular types of wellness programs that US companies are offering its employees:

  • 1. Immunizations/Flu shots …. 89%
  • 2. Health-risk appraisals …. 74%
  • 3. Gym membership discounts …. 73%
  • 4. Employee health fairs …. 70%
  • 5. ┬áHealth portal/website …. 67%
  • 6. Online healthy lifestyle programs …. 66%
  • 7. Biometric health screenings …. 66%
  • 8. On-site healthy lifestyle classes … 62%
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New Nutrition Healthy Guide Wheel is Ideal for Any Corporate Wellness Program

Custom Imprinted Nutrition Info Wheel for Wellness Programs has just introduced their latest informational slide guide for the Wellness market, complete with facts about nutrition-by-the-numbers. Tis slide guide includes US recommended intakes for various vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins as well as counts of elements in 48 different foods.

Each slide guide comes complete with your company’s logo and imprint, and is an ideal low-cost promotional item for any wellness program. priced $1 or lower, depending on quantity. Click here for more information on this nutrition information wheel.