The New 10% Workout Rule

Easiest Way to Add To Your Workout Schedule

increase your workout time by 10% Austin, Texas: Not Enough Time in Your Day to Increase Your Workout Time?

Well, I have found that the simplest way to improve the amount of time you spend working out is to add just 10% to your workload.

Think about it.  Adding 10% more time is not too much strain on your current schedule.

I now run for 66 minutes instead of 60.  Seems like a pretty minor difference but that is like doing one extra workout every 10 days .

You can go from 20 minutes to 22 minutes or 30 minutes to 33 minutes-without sacrificing much on your schedule.

Try it.

Shoot for a 10% increase in your workout time each and every time you exercise and you will see dramatic changes.

10% more time at the gym, on the elliptical machine or treadmill.

You won’t notice the extra few minutes..but your body will.

Let me know how this 10% Rule works for you.


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