16 Ways to Get Your Employees to Increase Their Physical Activity at Work

Wellness and Exercise incentive programsIt has been noted that 60%-70% of Americans do not engage in physical activity or an exercise program. Study shows that while nutrition is a significant factor in losing weight, physical activity is essential to maintain the weight lost, in addition to helping to prevent heart disease, stroke, some forms of cancer and diabetes. Any corporate wellness program needs to address physical activity of its employees.
Increased employee physical activity can be put into use while promoting wellness activities among individuals or in groups. Below are 16 ways to promote a healthier lifestyle at work.

1. Encouraging the use of the stairways.

2. Making the workday schedule flexible so that employees can indulge in exercises.
3. Offering employees ten minute breaks to regularly take walks.
4. Organizing classes at the place of work to encourage and maintain increased activity.
5. Offering pedometers.
6. Providing two sets of written resources on physical activity.