Congress Being Urged To Consider Wellness Incentive Legislation offers hundreds of custom branded wellness reminders.Supporters of the Incentive Legislation Campaign (ILC) recently met with Congressional leaders and staffers on Capitol Hill, urging them to back wellness programs through tax benefits to workers and their employers. ILC members believe workplace incentive programs can ultimately be used to improve the health of Americans and reduce escalating medical-care costs. “Incentives have already proved their usefulness in promoting workplace safety and length of employee service,” said George Delta, executive director of the Incentive Federation. “One of the best ways to encourage wellness incentives is to make them nontaxable to employees and deductible to employers.”

Through their continuing lobbying efforts, IFC members are targeting pieces of legislation that have already been introduced in Congress. “As measures are introduced to encourage employment programs and promote savings in health care, the use of incentives could help jump-start efforts aimed at improving the lives of average Americans and bolstering workplace productivity,” said Delta.

As part of their visit, ILC members met with Senator Tom Harkin, as well as advisors to Senators Orrin Hatch and Jeff Bingaman. According to some members in attendance, ILC members will present more data to additional leaders in Congress following the November elections.

Wellness Incentives offer a substantial cost savings and benefits, and it will be money well spent once these programs get implemented. Businesses of all sizes should be encouraged to do what they can to reduce their health care costs, says Robert Piller, President of

Write or call your Congressman today to show your support for Wellness Incentive legislation.
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