Fitness Download Cards: The Ideal Wellness and Fitness Award or Gift

Imprinted wellness cards and fitness download cards fr wellness programs and health fairsWellness Incentives Plus  has just introduced a unique branded wellness gift in conjunction with, known as Fitness Download Cards.

These days, everyone is looking for easy ways to get fit. By offering Fitness Download Cards, you can provide your customers with fast access to download audio workouts, ranging from cardio and strength training to even yoga and ballet. This program also comes with an education site that includes fitness instruction, recipes and healthy tips. With over 200 workouts for all levels, everyone from health nuts to fitness novices can benefit from these training sessions.

Fitness Download Cards are an ideal wellness gift or imprinted health fair gift that features:

  • Over 200 audio workouts available.
  • Downloads are MAC and PC compatible.
  • Compatible with iTunes®, iPod® and iPhone®.
  • Includes full color (4/1) custom branded plastic card.
  • Available for US based and other select country promotions.
  • Branded redemption site available

Best of all, they are priced as low as $4.50 each, making it ideal as both wellness kickoff gifts as well as for promoting weight loss and fitness in a wellness reward program.

For more information, click to view information on these Fitness Download Cards and even watch a short video.

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