Wellness Incentive Gift: Salad Shaker Set

Wellness rewards and incentives from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com

Promotional Salad Shaker from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest wellness gift– a 3-piece imprinted salad shaker set.

This stylish and handy salad shaker holds up to 4 cups of salad.

Fork slides into lid for convenient storage.

Removable dressing container nests in lid and holds up to 4 tablespoons of dressing.

Meets FDA Requirements. Complies with FDA. 8″ H

Available from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com – with your custom imprint.

These promotional salad shakers are great for wellness programs, diet programs and health fairs.  Your message will be seen over and over again.



New Wellness Incentive Gift: Imprinted Insulated Lunch Bag

Promotional lunch bags for health fairsAustin, Texas: Encourage your employees to pack their own healthy lunches with this new custom printed lunch bag.

Ideal for any wellness reminder or for health fairs, this large 100% non-woven, soft textured, heavy polypropylene bag features a bold color large front pocket accent with matching color all-over piping, matching handles, a zippered main compartment with foil lining for insulation and wide 8″ gusset.

Measures 10-3/4″ L x 8-1/4″ W x 4-3/4″ H.

Available from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com for as low as $3.99 wholesale with your logo..


New Study Shows the Rapid Growth Of Employee Wellness Programs

91 percent of large companies participate in employee wellness programsAustin, Texas: A new Employer Wellness Survey from ShapeUp reveals how quickly employee wellness programs have grown over the past few years.

Some of the results are:

  • 1) 91% of employers with more than 5,000 employees offer web-based wellness programs.
  • 2) On average, employers spend $375 per-employee on incentives.
  • 3) Employers are attracted to the idea of a single vendor to manage all programs, yet on average, they are managing 4.5 vendors.
  • 4) 50% of employers surveyed feel Health Risk Assessments are a waste of money.

There are a few things that I find most interesting about this survey.

First, we all know that nearly every large company is running a wellness program.  But how many small and mid-sized companies are participating?  We are seeing a huge increase in firms with as few as ten employees actively promoting wellness among their staff.  It would be great to get a survey of small and mid-sized companies.

Secondly, the  amount spent on wellness incentives is dead-on — about $375.  Our company is seeing an average spend of $375-$400 per participant from our clients for wellness incentives, which include kick-off items, monthly reminders, imprinted pedometers, and for rewards and awards.

Lastly, the survey shows half the participants feel the HRA are a waste of resources. It would be interesting to find out the reasons for this high number.   I’d love to hear your feedback on why you love Health Risk Assessments for your employees or why you think they are  waste of money.

This survey was conducted in partnership with Boston-based The Parthenon Group with high-level wellness and benefits decision makers at some of the largest companies nationwide.

Click on the link to read more about the wellness survey and its results.

Here’s to a more healthy workplace.


Robert Piller is President of WellnessIncentivesPlus.com, a leading provider of custom-printed promotional items geared exclusively for wellness programs and wellness incentives. These branded gifts are ideal for wellness incentive rewards, wellness kickoff or announcement gifts or as wellness reminders. Visit WellnessIncentivesPlus.com to view thousands of wellness rewards and reminders in all price points.


Imprinted Towel for Wellness & Fitness Programs

Wellness Antimicrobial Towel

Our 100% cotton  Antimicrobial Enhanced towel will get your wellness program started on the right note with it’s built-in protection for your active lifestyle.  It prevents bacteria and fungus. and also  helps fight MSRA, staph, germs, and odor. Patented microbial is infused into the structure of our towels to provide long lasting prevention and protection. These performance products and solutions prevent and inhibit growth of bacteria and mold.

You can order this 12″ x 42″ cotton towel for your wellness program in as few as 48 pieces and prices starting at just over $7.50 each wholesale. Colors include black, coastal blue, gold, lime, red and white.

For more information, visit www.wellnessmarketingsolutions.com or click on the picture to the left.


Imprinted Food and Fitness Journal for Wellness Programs

Imprinted Wellness Food Diary

Our wellness food and fitness journal would be a great addition to any corporate wellness incentive program. The closed 6″ x 9″ journal is the perfect size notebook to carry with you and record your statistics right away. Great way to track calorie, fat and carbohydrate intake plus exercise routine and more to stay positive and motivated.

You can order this wellness journal in as few pieces as 100 and prices starting at just over $4 each wholesale.

For more information, visit www.wellnessmarketingsolutions.com or click on the picture to the left.


Imprinted Wellness Medicine Tray Organizer

Wellness Imprinted Pill Organizer

Perfect way to keep medicines in order. Our wellness medicine organizer has four weeks and today so that you can  schedule and guide correct dosages for a 4 week long period. You can also carry individual wellness organizers with you. Use a seven day pill box for a week-long trip and  the daily pill box has four compartments labeled Morning, Noon, Evening and Bed. The four weekly pill boxes are labeled with the days of the week and are translucent for easy viewing. The tray bottom holes make for easy pill box removal. This convenient pill organizer is a great wellness incentive to kick off a new wellness incentive program or to encourage employees to help keep their health routine in order.

This wellness pill organizer measures 6″ x 7″ x 1″ and can be order in quantities as low as 100 pieces and prices start at under $5 wholesale.

For more information, visit www.wellnessmarketingsolutions.com or click on the picture to the left.


Koozie Lunch Sack as a Corporate Wellness Incentive Reminder

Lunch Sack to kick off a new Wellness Program

Encourage your employees to bring a nutritious lunch from home with the Koozie-brand lunch sack made of 70 denier nylon.

Ideal for corporate fitness programs, this insulated lunch sack features hook and loop closure, front slip pocket for additional storage. Handle size is 1″ x 15″. Made of Nylon and it comes in a variety of colors. The size of the sack measures 7 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 4 3/4″. You can order this lunch bag wholesale in quantities as low as 96 pieces and prices start at under $5 wholesale.

For more information, visit www.wellnessmarketingsolutions.com or click on the picture to the left.