New Balance is Now Offering Co-Branded Promotional Items for Wellness and Fitness Programs

You Can Now Co-Brand Your Logo with New Balance for Your Next Wellness Incentive Gifts


Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced the New Balance line to their promotional wellness and fitness gift offerings– and they can be co-branded with your own logo.

Robert Piller, President of Wellness Incentives plus, says, ” Many companies want to go above and beyond the traditional and generic wellness promotional gifts–and we have partnered up to bring the well-established New Balance brand name to the forefront–so that these New Balance items can now also feature your own logo on them”.

Mr. Piller says that by offering a well-known brand name to your fitness and wellness programs, it shows your commitment to excellence in the program.

Currently, Wellness Incentives Plus offers nearly 2 dozen New Balance items–mostly water bottle and bags–but they will be continually adding more each month.

You can view these New Balance wellness items at that link or by visiting



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