Wellness Incentives: Custom Printed Exercise Bands

New One Piece Workout Bands

imprinted workout bands for wellness programsAustin, Texas: WellnessIncentivesPlus.com has just introduced their latest workout bands–complete with your custom imprint.

Our Workout Band is made of Silver Latex material and comes with recommended exercises printed on the ends, with your logo centered in the middle.

Perfect fitness tool for everyone, it folds up great for travel!

Perfect for any healthfair, fitness program or corporate wellness gift.

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New Wellness Reminders: Imprinted Exercise Bands

imprinted exercise bands for wellness programsAustin, Texas: WellnessIncentivesPlus.com has just introduced their newest wellness reminders: exercise bands.

Each band can be custom printed with your wellness program name and message.

Whether its at the gym or on the road, these heavy weight Stretch Exercise Band can stave off the workout cravings that all fitness buffs get.

Simple and versatile, this exercise band can be used in an assortment of exercises at varying resistance.

Perfect for wellness gifts, get-fit programs, and health fairs.

Measures 47″ W x 6″ H x 14″ D — less than $3.50 each–with your logo.

Available exclusively from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com click here for more information on these exercise bands.



6 Ideas to Improve Your Current Corporate Wellness Program

6 ways to Reduce Healthcare Costs Through Improvements in Current Wellness ProgramIn the course of my recent blog postings, I have given advice on ideas on starting a corporate wellness program. This article will discuss six ways to take your company’s current wellness program to the next level.

When executed properly, these 6 steps can positively affect the health and wellness of your employees. Companies should keep investing in their wellness programs in order to reduce health care costs and to keep the program fresh.

1. Start a Senior Level Wellness Program: Companies having delivered health care advantages through their wellness programs for hourly and mid-level employees for any period of time should be aware that these programs can yield positive results. Senior level employees and managers should be immediately added to the program, or to a similar one for a high return on investment.

2. Improve the Strategy: The key to any wellness program is its strategy. The strategy is the document containing all the activities and tricks that enables a wellness program to address its objectives. Discuss with employees in different departments to see what can be improved, where you can make changes, and what else needs to be addressed. Be sure to include in these meetings both people who are actively participating in the program and those that have not yet taken part in it for best results.

3. Link Your Employee Benefit Plan to Participation in Your Health Promotion Plan: A big problem is that people that can most use a wellness program are often the people least likely to participate in them. The result is that the majority of wellness programs of the companies have participation rates of as low as 20%-25%. With the health condition of the average American worker declining, designing health promotions in a way so that they can increase participation in your benefit plan will be practiced in the years to come.

4. Use Telephone Counseling for At-Risk Employees: At-risk employees may need additional counseling, whether by telephone, through early morning or early evening meetings, or reaching them at home or in their car. The key is reaching out to these employees, in order to get the maximum improvement to your wellness program.

5. Make Physical Activity and Nutrition a Significant Part of the Program: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States. In 2008, only one state (Colorado) had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%. The keys to changing behavior is a strong emphasis on physical activity and nutrition, which should be an integral part of any wellness programs.

6. Increase the Amount of Money Your Company Invests in Wellness: The majority of employers invest too little in the healthcare of their workers. Employers should spend significantly more than the amount they currently spend, which is under $20 per employee per year. Imagine what you can save by reducing your healthcare costs by 15% per year. Take half of those savings to get an idea of what you should spend on average for your employee wellness program if all goals are met. It will more than pay for itself each year two times over.

While there are many ways of upgrading your wellness program, the six steps mentioned above should be looked at for the next twelve months.

It’s a fact that the health and wellness of employees are of supreme importance to every company. The average age of the workforce is getting older, and obesity rates are rising, which means increased expenditures on healthcare costs. Taking early measures will be the dominating factor in keeping these costs in control and keeping the workforce of the nation healthy and efficient.

Robert Piller is President of WellnessIncentivesPlus.com, a leading provider of custom-printed promotional items geared exclusively for wellness programs and wellness incentives. These branded gifts are ideal for wellness incentive rewards, wellness kickoff or announcement gifts or as wellness reminders. Visit wellnessincentivesplus.com to view thousands of wellness rewards and reminders in all price points.


Retractable ID Badge Holder Pedometer

Imprinted pedometer/badge holder for wellness programsAustin, Texas: Here’s an innovative way to make sure your employees wear their pedometers each day– a retractable badge holder pedometer.

This multi-function pedometer has a 30 inch retractable badge holder built into the bottom of it and a pocket/belt clip.

This is great for wellness programs, fitness programs, health fairs and trade shows. The pedometer calculates steps, distance, time and calories burned. For best accuracy, wear it on your hip.

Available from Wellness Incentives Plus.


Walkers Guide: Great Corporate Wellness Gift

wellness gift for wellness programs
Austin, Texas: Looking for the ideal wellness incentive gift?
This exclusive walkers guide measures 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ and is perfect for record keeping. Helps your employees learn the proper techniques for walking safely and track your walking distance and times. Simple solutions at a low-cost!
Give this when kicking off your wellness program– or along with an imprinted pedometer.
Valuable information in a compact size that conveniently fits in your pocket or in a safe place.
Includes ample room for record keeping and it features your logo and imprint on front.
Available from Wellness Incentives Plus and at their website: wellnessmarketingsolutions.com.


Wellness Reminder: Imprinted Heart Shaped Mint Tins

Heart Tin Filled With Spearmints

imprinted heart shaped mint tins for health fairsAustin, Texas: Show your emplyees how to be “heart smart” with these imprinted heart shaped mint tins-from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com

Ideal for wellness programs and health fairs, these high quality heart shaped tins with spearmints features your full color design on the lid, making for a gorgeous presentation.

Size: 1 3/4″ H x 1 3/4″ W x 3/4″ D — from Wellness Incentives Plus.


Wellness/Fitness Walking Kit with Water Bottle and Pedometer

Imprinted Walking Kit with Water Bottle and Pedometer

Great way to start a wellness incentive program with our walking enthusiast kit. Includes pedometer and water bottle. The multi-function pedometer features calorie counter, step counter and distance traveled in miles / kilometers.  Also included is an earphone outlet for a MP3 player. Features reflective piping and webbing for safety. Design allows it to be worn across body or around waist. It comes in a royal blue color and measures 5″ x 10″ x 3″.This walking enthusiasts kit can be ordered in quantities as low as 50 pieces and starting at just under $12.50 each wholesale.

For more information about this wellness walking kit, click on the picture above or go to www.wellnessmarketingsolutions.com


State of Colorado Introduces No-Cost Wellness Program Guide

no cost wellness programsAccording to an article in The Gazette, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has just released an online resource guide for employers wanting to improve employee health through worksite wellness programs — including no-cost or low-cost options.

“Here are some options you can implement that won’t really cost you anything but you can start to see a benefit pretty much immediately,” said Eric Aaakko, director of the department’s physical activity and nutrition initiatives.

“We have several anecdotes of employees who have lost 10 to 15 pounds in the course of a year from using the stairs instead of taking the elevator,” Aakko said. [Read more…]


Wellness Pedometer/BMI

Wellness Incentives Plus offers dozens of custom imprinted pedometers

Gemstone BMI and body fat pedometer. An all-purpose pedometer with body fat in its sights. Input personal data to determine body fat and body mass index (BMI). Remembers body fat data for up to 5 users. Accurately measures steps, distance traveled and calories burned. Features clock, protective flip cover and decorative metallic finish. Counts up to 99,999 steps. Energy-saving auto shut-off feature. Button cell battery inserted.

This wellness incentive pedometer comes in either black or red and measures 1- 5/8″ x 2- 5/8″ x 1″.

A great wellness reminder you can buy wholesale with your logo imprinted on them for under $7.00 each when you order 50 pieces.