Choosing the Right Giveaway Ideas for Health Fairs

How to Choose the Best Health Fair Promotional Ideas

ideas-for-choosing-promotional-items-for-health fairsAustin, Texas: I love health fairs … and the opportunity they provide to demonstrate best patcice in wellness, nutrition, smoking cessation and the like.

However, I am amazed at the promotional items that people keep choosing for these events.

Imprinted Pens– how boring?

Imprinted Tote Bags-Been There, Done That.

The key to choosing the right health fair ideas or item is the messaging that you are trying to promote.

Heart Health:  This one is easy. What’s the slogan? And try to keep all your promotional items heart shaped–whether you choose pedometers, stress balls or anything else.

Smoking Cessation: Be sure to keep these informational. Wellness guides are a great item to help reinforce your message.

Exercise ProgramsPedometers, water bottles, exercise bands and imprinted jump ropes are our  best sellers for these programs.  Again- it’s all about the theme!

Weight Loss: Journal books and diaries will allow people to track their progress. BMI Measures and pedometers are also well received.

Senior Health Care: Pedometers, imprinted water bottles and wellness guides designed for seniors go over best with this target audience. Keep the message simple…and the font size large

Another good idea when promoting a health fair is to have special web address that links to informative resources–without too many clicks.  People will lose interest if they go to a general website that is not targeted to your wellness program.

Also, consider having a web address for helpful community resources where these people can go to for follow up or to get more information, long after the health fair has ended.

Keep your program fun and have a great deal of energy.

Make sure the volunteers are well rested, well fed and enthusiastic.

Here’s a to a successful health fair!


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