Is Subway’s Food Less Healthy Than McDonalds?

Perception of Food Can be Tricky When Watching Your Calories

halo effect of eating at SubwayAustin, TX: I read this intriguing article in Medical Daily online that states that “researchers found no statistically significant difference between the two restaurants’ menus, and that participants ate too many calories at both.”

People apparently go into Subway shops and think they are getting a low-calorie and healthy meal– but many come away with more calories and sodium than they would have from a Big Mac.

Perception makes all the difference – and people continue to order less healthy menu selections at Subway–which can have more sodium than a McDonald’s menu item – and just as many calories.

There is certainly a “halo effect” that people think every item at Subway must be fresh and healthy–when, in reality, you still need to be careful with your meal selection– and snacks and beverage.

I am often shocked by the number of meatball subs and cold cut meals ordered when I go to Subway.

There is nothing “fresh and healthy” with a cold cut sub that gets extra salt and just a little bit of lettuce.

Subway does a good job of promoting calorie content– but not so good a job explaining the sodium levels in their meats.

The only cure for this perception distortion is education.

Be sure your wellness program stresses education and questioning long-standing food myths.

Be sure to constantly explain calories and sodium to your employees.

Give them guides and charts to help keep track of these things.

Teach them to ask questions or do further research into what they are putting into their mouths.

“Calories consumed” is not the only magic number.

Hidden sugar, sodium and other killers are prevalent and people cannot just hide behind the “fresh” seal of approval.

How do you educate your employees on the dangers of sodium and sugary snacks and drinks?

Please share so I can include these ideas in upcoming blog posts.


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