Data Collection is Important in an Effective Wellness Program

Data collection is proven to be both effective and crucial in driving a company’s result focused wellness efforts. Data collection is important in developing a data dashboard that helps in an efficient data distribution for all your stakeholders.

According to an article in Absolute Advantage, from the Wellness Councils of America, there are seven steps for data collection in a wellness program:

1. CEO support capturing is an essential to process the best programs that is essential for a cost effective employee health security.

2. Make a cohesive wellness team on the basis of data revealed by the company.

3. Gathering data by the team utilizing the corporate culture scrutiny, health assessment and knowledge and interest surveys that depicts the specific needs of the employees.

4. A careful planning of the entire operation is essential to channelize the company’s venture and investments to retain a cost effective wellness program.
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Developing an Effective Wellness Incentive Program

An effective company wellness incentive program should include company & employee health and wellness goals while at the same time gaining a positive return on its investment.

Popular Wellness Incentive Program Goals
• Increasing the completion rates on the HRAs (Health Risk Assessments) completion rates
• Decrease direct healthcare costs
• Boost teamwork effort in the organization
• Engage employees to participate in company sponsored walks/runs
• Lessen the amount of non-preventative care medical claims
• Reduce indirect healthcare costs
• Improve employee productivity

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