Does Your Wellness Program Focus Enough on Positive Reinforcement?

Is Your Wellness Program More About the Stick Rather Than the Carrot? You Might be Surprised.

Wellness Program IdeasAustin, Texas:  In a Harvard Business Review study, it was shown that in high-performing teams, managers would give five positive comments for every negative comment.  By contrast, managers that gave three negative comments for every positive comment have very low performance among team members.

Makes sense–right?

But in your wellness program, what is your ratio of positive vs. negative comments?

Are you even keeping track?

Are you monitoring these comments?

Do you have a guide for what positive comments to mention or shout out?

Are your “positive” comments really positive at all in the yes of your employees?

You can have the greatest wellness program plan in history–but if positive reinforcement is not practiced — and practiced consistently and overwhelmingly – you will not get optimal results.

It is as simple as that.

Catch your employees doing things right.

Comment on it.

Reinforce those positive behaviors and your employees will keep doing more healthy behaviors because they are hungry for praise.

Now, how many positive comments do you plan to make to your employees today? Tomorrow? Next week? ext month?

Make it a habit.

Look for the positive behaviors and your wellness program stands a much greater chance of success. Ignore this advice and your results will be sub-par.

Here’s a to healthier workforce!


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