New Study Says the US is Getting Fatter While Increasing The Amount of Exercise They Do?!?! I say BS!

Americans are getting fatterWhat is Behind the Growing Obesity Numbers in America?

Austin, Texas:  So, Mexico has now surpassed the United States as the most obese country in North America, according to a recent news article.

In fact, the study shows that exercise has edged up n the US–with 51.3 percent of women and 57.8 percent of men getting sufficient weekly exercise.

We should be proud of ourselves..or should we?

Unfortunately, obesity levels keep increasing.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of US adults and 17 percent of children are obese.

What do you make in this disparity between improved exercise and increased obesity?

My guess is three-fold.

One, lying about exercise frequencies on the surveys.It is easy to tell your doctor and/or a survey that you are exercising more – but much harder to back it up with facts.

Two, not really doing the type of strenuous exercise that increases heart rate, improves endurance and sheds calories.  And doing it for 20-30 minutes per day–consistently.

Three, poor diet.  I have seen many people at the gym drink two bottles of Gatorade or go out to a fast food joint after their workouts. Yes, the did strenuous exercise, but they negated the health benefits.

My solution is increased and improved education and awareness.

Most people have a hard time undersanding caloric intake, propery dietary standards, etc.

However, simple charts showing the number of minutes on a treadmill to burn off those calories might make decision-making more intuitive.

If I have to jog for 45 minutes to burn off a soda, I might think twice about the risk/reward ratio.

Keep it simple.

Concentrate on this “minutes of exercise per meal” approach and we might see a quick and dramatic change in our obesity levels.

Here’s to a healthier today!


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